Healing My Cancer

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kennyHi Everyone, my name is Kenny Roman and welcome to my website.

Having survived cancer in 2012, I created this website to help people who’ve been affected by cancer to achieve better health. Most people, after a cancer diagnosis, do not have a clue what to do beside the doctor’s arrangement of chemotherapy, radiation and the op. My FREE e-book download, above, demonstrates how I developed a strong, healing mindset, made a difficult decision between Traditional Medical Treatment and Alternative Treatment, and adopted a Nutritional Blueprint to achieve better health for a Cancer-Free status.


HYPOTHYROIDISM is responsible for the 2 LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH today — Heart Disease and Cancer!

Stop Hypothyroidism at the source NOW!

I wrote “Healing My Cancer From The Inside Out” with the express purpose of “clearing the fog” and “creating a roadmap” for someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer and needs help to answer the question: “What do I do next?”

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